Sealing criminal records in Reno, NVSealing Criminal Records in Reno, NV

Do you want to know how to get your criminal record sealed?

A criminal record can make a hard life more difficult.  Even if all charges were dismissed, minor mistakes from years past can damage your reputation.  A criminal record can stop you from getting certain jobs, credit or loans (including financial aid), or public benefits.  It can cause issues with travel outside the US or even prevent you from owning a firearm.  Nowadays, it can be critical to put your past in the past, clean up your criminal record and give yourself an opportunity for a better life.

If your conviction is in Nevada, it may be possible to seal your criminal record.

Your record won’t completely disappear but it will no longer show up on background checks.  Not everyone that wants to have their records sealed is eligible.  Here are some reasons that a petition may be denied:

  • If the statutory length of time since your case is closed has not been met.  A case is closed when everything is completed, including parole or probation. Those statutory lengths are listed below:
    • 15 years for Category A or B felonies;
    • 12 years for Category C or D felonies;
    • 7 years for Category E felonies;
    • 5 years for Gross Misdemeanors;
    • 7 years for Misdemeanor DUI;
    • 7 years for Misdemeanor Domestic Battery;
    • 2 years for all other Misdemeanors.
  • You have a pending or active case in any jurisdiction
  • Your case was recently dismissed without prejudice OR the Statute of Limitations has not yet been met.
  • You have a Drug and/or DUI case recently denied by the District Attorney’s Office.

Sealing criminal records in Reno or the surrounding areas of Nevada is a highly technical process.  There are precise steps which need to be followed.  As a former prosecutor, Sean Neahusan, Attorney at Law, has the experience to navigate this process and can professionally advise you with the help you need.

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