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Immigration LawThe United States is a country of immigrants and a proud nation that values families and workers who contribute to society. When applying for an immigration visa, a foreign citizen must be sponsored by a qualifying family member or employer who will file a petition with U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) on their behalf. Because the petition process can be difficult and confusing, ensuring accuracy and taking the right steps are critical to being approved.

U.S. immigration laws are extraordinarily tangled, and it’s been said that immigration law is second only to tax law in its complexity. Furthermore, even modest mistakes in a visa or green card application, or the evidence provided as part of an immigration application process, can lead to years-long delays or even outright denials and deportation. That makes it a challenge for foreign-born persons who might know nothing about U.S. law, much less immigration law.

Neahusan Law immigration lawyers interpret the law, help you analyze your migration rights, possibilities, and strategies, and guide you (or, if applicable, your sponsoring U.S. family member or employer) through every step of the complicated immigration process.

Furthermore, employers seeking to hire global talent in the United States face an increasingly complex and dynamic set of laws, regulations, executive orders, and treaties.

In Nevada, employment-based immigrant visas have both limited and static numerical caps. Before an employer’s petition, the employer must typically obtain proper Nevada labor certification from the Department of Labor (DOL) that there are no U.S. workers who are willing, available, and qualified to fill this specific position.

As regards wages, the Nevada employer must also show that there is no available U.S. worker who would fill the position at a wage that is equal to or greater than the prevailing wage that is typically offered for that occupation in the designated geographic region. The DOL employs this procedure to show that the admission and hiring of foreign workers will not negatively affect job opportunities, wages, and working conditions of U.S. workers. Obtaining an employment-based visa in Nevada may take months or years.

At Neahusan Law, we assist individuals, families, and employers in sponsoring foreign citizens through petitions with USCIS. We also handle immigration matters regarding applications to replace permanent resident cards (green cards) and applications for naturalization (citizenship).

Backed by extensive experience and resources, Neahusan Law takes a personalized approach toward handling all legal work involved to reduce the chances of delays and denials. We want to help our clients’ immigration dreams become a reality.

When foreign citizen wants to enter the United States of America, they are required to obtain a visa. There are approximately 185 types, each with its specific application procedures, interview requirements, processing times, fees, expiration dates, and rules. The visa is issued by the foreigner’s own country and will become part of their passport.

In general, visas are divided into two main categories:

  • Immigrant visas: For foreigners planning to move permanently to the U.S.
  • Non-immigrant visas: For temporary visits such as for business, school, employment, tourism, or waiting for an immigrant visa

Since both visas may require a high level of legal expertise, Neahusan Law immigration attorneys are prepared to serve the full scope of legal solutions for immigrants and visitors to the United States from abroad, such as:

  • Family-based sponsorships
  • Marriage-based visas and green cards
  • Employment-based immigration
  • Visas for businesses and investors
  • Pathway to US citizenship (naturalization)
  • Deportation defense and asylum/refugees

Neahusan Law does it all – as a full-service law firm our immigration practice works to ensure our clients’ businesses remain unaffected as they navigate through the immigration system, providing representation on a wide range of immigration concerns for domestic and foreign-based businesses, including tax, employee benefits, government audits, and entertainment law.

For permanent residence options, Neahusan Law addresses strategy options involving a test of the U.S. labor market and those that involve more direct alternatives based on the position and the individuals. Neahusan Law’s experience is extended to all immigrant visa options in family and employment-based contexts.

Additionally, Neahusan Law assists with waivers, grounds of inadmissibility, consular processing, administrative processing issues, frequent traveler program qualifications, and port of entry-related issues.

Neahusan Law also provides proactive advice to our clients to help them avoid violating immigration laws and regulations. Our lawyers provide risk assessment and compliance reviews on immigration-related regulations and policies to limit exposure before a merger and acquisition. Beyond offering prospective guidance, Neahusan Law’s attorneys are well-equipped to help clients respond to audits and penalty determinations.

Neahusan Law lawyers also provide training for human resources staff and legal departments to help them understand the immigration process, address compliance issues, and develop internal compliance programs.

Countless people dream about lawfully living and working in the United States of America. Making this dream a reality is a possibility for many of them, but only if they can successfully navigate the United States’ confusing and complex immigration laws.

Given the incredible importance placed on being granted permanent resident status (green card) or U.S. citizenship, it is surprising how many people attempt to achieve their immigration goals without the assistance of an experienced attorney that specializes in immigration law. Some do indeed succeed, but many others fail. And unfortunately, this failure may lead to their ultimate and worst possible nightmare: being deported.

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