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Naturalization CitezenshipMost aspiring American citizens first come into the U.S. on an immigrant visa, allowing them to enter and reside in America for a certain period. Depending on the visa requirements, after a specified time frame, the visa holder may apply for a green card to become a legal permanent resident. Once they have lived in the U.S. for a certain period, they may be eligible for naturalization.

Foreigners may be eligible to become naturalized citizens of the U.S. once they have lived in the U.S. as a legal permanent resident for at least five years (or three years if married to a U.S. citizen). To take the citizenship oath in Nevada, they must have lived in-state for at least three months.

This is incredibly important considering that naturalized citizens have all the same rights and privileges as U.S.-born citizens. United States citizenship is a status that gives you the ability to fully enjoy the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Some of the benefits of becoming an American citizen include:

  • Ability to vote
  • Priority to petition to bring family members to the U.S.
  • Obtaining and traveling with a U.S. passport
  • Ability to become an elected official
  • Obtaining citizenship for children born abroad
  • Becoming eligible for a federal job
  • Travel abroad without limitations as to the amount of time you can be outside the United States.

The process through which a foreign citizen gains citizenship in the U.S. is known as naturalization.

Legal permanent residents may be eligible to become naturalized once they have lived in the U.S. as an LPR for 5 years or 3 years if they are married to a U.S. citizen.

In general, foreigners who fit any of the following categories may be eligible to become U.S. citizens:

  • Foreign-born children of U.S. citizens by birth or naturalization.
  • Green Cards. Individuals with lawful permanent residence (LPR) for a specified period (usually three to 5 years).
  • Individuals requesting naturalization because of their marriage to a U.S. citizen.
  • Military Service. Individuals who are members of the U.S. armed forces and their families.
  • Individuals who are employed with certain entities.

A legal permanent resident applying to become a citizen must complete and submit the N-400 Form with the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). As part of the application process, the individual will be required to: (i) attend interviews, where USCIS personnel confirm that the information provided on the individual’s N-400 is true and complete; (ii) complete a naturalization exam, which includes English language writing, reading, and speaking portions, along with a civics test; and (iii) give fingerprints.

In Nevada, the applicant may be able to get fingerprinted at the Las Vegas or Reno immigration offices. It takes an average of six months to become a naturalized U.S. citizen, and you will need to pay $640 plus an $85 biometrics (fingerprinting) fee. Fees paid by money order, personal check, or cashier’s check must be made payable to the Department of Homeland Security.

If an individual has received notification that their application for naturalization has been approved by USCIS, the next step is to take the U.S. naturalization oath at a naturalization ceremony. Once this oath has been completed, the new citizen has completed the naturalization process.

Becoming a naturalized citizen can be a long and demanding process, but you can rest assured that Neahusan Law immigration lawyers will work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the outcome you deserve. Neahusan Law immigration attorneys are dedicated to helping you naturalize so that you can become an American citizen.

Even if you may not need a lawyer to apply for citizenship, seeking legal assistance to help you file your Application for Naturalization can ensure every component is filled out correctly.

At Neahusan Law, our attorneys are all qualified to help you on your path to becoming a citizen. From communicating with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) about your case to explaining the different immigration options you have, Neahusan Law lawyers are here for you.

In some instances, your citizenship can be revoked through a process called denaturalization. Although rare, you can have your U.S. citizenship stripped away, and you will be deported. Some instances where your citizenship can be revoked include:

  • Obtaining naturalization illegally
  • Concealing material facts or having willful misrepresentation
  • Having membership or affiliation with certain organizations, such as a terrorist organization

Working with our Neahusan Law naturalization and citizenship lawyers will ensure that you complete all that is required of you to be granted naturalization, taking all necessary measures to avoid your citizenship being revoked.

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