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When a foreign citizen wants to enter the United States, they are generally required to obtain a visa. There are approximately 185 types, each with its application procedures, interview requirements, processing times, fees, expiration dates, and rules. The visa is issued by the foreigner’s own country and will become part of their passport.

Visa laws can be complex, but broadly speaking, there are two categories: (i) immigrant visas, for those who are interested in staying in the United States permanently, and (ii) non-immigrant visas, for those who are only in the country for a set period, like attending college or an extended business trip.

Immigrant Visas in Las Vegas, Nevada

Foreign citizens seeking an immigrant visa typically must obtain a sponsor that has petitioned and been approved by the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). This sponsor has to be a U.S. citizen relative, a U.S. lawful permanent resident, or a prospective employer.

Once the appropriate petition has been completed and approved by USCIS, the next step is to complete preliminary processing with the Department of State‘s National Visa Center. At this point, the foreigner will be required to provide:

  • An affidavit of support
  • Any required applicant documents (birth certificate, marriage certificates, police reports)
  • Medical exam and physician information
  • Complete the necessary interviews for consular processing and give biometrics

The most common immigrant classifications are (i) family-based, which are Spousal visas for foreigners with a spouse who is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident; and (ii) employment-based; which could be:

  • EB-1 visa: For outstanding researchers or professors.
  • EB-2 visa: For professionals holding advanced degrees (or their equivalent) and individuals sought by the U.S. for their exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business that will substantially benefit the U.S.’s economy, cultural or educational interests, or welfare.
  • EB-3 visa: For skilled workers, professionals, and other workers.
  • EB-4 visa: For religious workers, broadcasters, armed forces members, Afghan, and Iraqi translators, and more.
  • EB-5 visa: For foreign entrepreneurs and investors.

Please bear in mind that the U.S. currently operates a Diversity Visa Lottery, where foreigners otherwise ineligible for an immigrant visa may enter to win one.

Nonimmigrant Visas in Las Vegas, Nevada

Similar to immigrant visas, the non-immigrant application process usually requires petitioning the USCIS, having an interview, and providing evidence of the foreigner’s purpose in traveling to the U.S. Non-immigrant visas have a maximum duration of stay.

Some of the most relevant non-immigrant visa categories are:


  • B-1 visa. For people traveling on business.


  • B-2 visa. For tourists and vacationers.

School and Training

  • Academic student (F-1) visa. For foreigners to study at a U.S. scholastic institution.
  • Vocational student (M-1) visa. For foreigners to study at a U.S. technical school.
  • Exchange visitor (J-1) visa. For research scholars, professors, and other exchange visitors taking part in programs that further cultural exchange.


  • Fiancé(e) (K-1) visa. For people engaged to U.S. citizens.
  • Child of Fiancé(e) (K-2) visa. For children of people engaged to U.S. citizens.
  • Non-immigrant spousal (K-3) visa. For the spouse of a U.S. citizen (while waiting for an immigrant spousal visa).
  • Child of spouse non-immigrant (K-4) visa. The child of a spouse of a U.S. citizen.


  • H-1B visa. For people in specialty occupations requiring bachelor’s degrees.
  • H-2B visa. For skilled or unskilled non-agricultural seasonal workers.
  • L-1 visa. For managers, executives, and people with specialized knowledge at international companies to work in their U.S.-based offices.
  • L-2 visa. For dependents of L-1 visa holders, including spouses and unmarried children under 21.
  • O-1 visa. For foreigners with extraordinary ability in the arts, movies, TV, sciences, education, business, and athletics to engage in the official activity.
  • P-1 visa. For internationally recognized foreign athletes, artists, and entertainers to work at a specific event, competition, or performance.

No matter what visa you hope to apply for or the visa situation you need to better understand, a Neahusan Law visa lawyer can help you navigate your legal situation. Neahusan Law visa attorneys can help you accurately and effectively fill out all the necessary paperwork to help you stay in the United States for the time that you need.

American immigration law is extremely complicated, and a piece of wrong information can mean the difference between successfully obtaining the right visa and ending up with a deportation case on your hands. Thankfully, Neahusan Law Visa lawyers can help you understand and interpret the law as it applies to your case.

You should hire a Neahusan Law visa attorney as soon as you think that something may be jeopardizing your ability to stay in the United States for the time that you need because waiting too long could result in even worse legal complications. When applying for a non-immigrant visa, it can take up to a few weeks or months to fill out, submit, and process your application.

On the other hand, Immigrant visas may take longer, from several months to a few years. Immigration officials process each application on a case-by-case basis, which means that it can be difficult to say exactly how long a given case will take. If you’ve waited for a while and haven’t heard from the immigration authorities; it may be a good idea to consult with a Neahusan Law visa attorney to find out whether anything has gone wrong with the application process.

If you fail to satisfy certain conditions, your visa application may be denied. Luckily, you also can apply for a waiver and to reapply for a visa if you are initially unsuccessful. If your visa application has been denied, and you need help staying in the country or applying for another visa, it’s a great idea to work with a Neahusan Law visa lawyer who can help you present the best possible case.

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